Mexico, Women Power Zongolica


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Zongolica, Mexico

Jasmine / Tangerine / Caramel

Caturra, Catuai, Sarchimor, Marsellesa

Processing Method:

1250 - 1700 m.a.s.l

Roastery & Brewing Notes

This single-origin release is as rich in story as it is in flavour! Cultivated exclusively by women in the Zongolica region of Veracruz, Mexico, this specialty coffee is proudly named WPZ - Woman Power Zongolica.

The Zongolica region draws deep influence from its ancestral heritage, particularly from the Nahuas indigenous group. Across generations, the Nahuas have imparted their extensive knowledge about plants, rivers, animals, mountains, and the universe through storytelling by their elders.

Zongolica farms operate as agroecosystems, balancing energy and nutrients to preserve regional biodiversity. The women behind WPZ are part of an initiative ensuring the long-term viability of green coffee supplies, empowering smallholder farms to reach their full potential and improve their livelihoods.

This coffee underwent meticulous processing: pulped with hand-cranked de-pulpers, washed, and sun-dried on patios for 15 days. It comprises Arabica varieties such as Caturra, Catuai, Sarchimor, and Marsellesa.

We lightly roast this coffee to highlight its juicy body and citric acidity, ensuring a delightful cup.

Coffee Sustainability & Recycling

We are pleased to confirm that our packaging is fully recyclable. We encourage you to dispose of it responsibly, adhering to local recycling guidelines. Additionally, our coffee bags are certified as carbon-neutral, aligning with our commitment to environmental sustainability