Carrara Coffee Roasters embodies a legacy of family traditions and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Our name 'Carrara' hails from the scenic town of Lucca in Tuscany, echoing through every meticulously crafted cup brewed in Market Harborough.

Founded in 2008, we've established ourselves as a trusted name in the UK coffee industry. Our success is rooted in strong partnerships with customers and manufacturers, ranging from small independents to major operators across the country.

We hold dear to our heritage and uphold it proudly. Transparency in sourcing, ethical practices, and a genuine commitment to quality define our approach—from the seed to the farm, from the roastery to your cup. Each step is carefully curated to ensure the finest coffee experience.

Today, our team comprises passionate individuals with deep-rooted expertise in the coffee trade. From skilled baristas to dedicated account managers, trained engineers, and efficient operations teams, everyone at Carrara Coffee Roasters shares a dedication to continuous improvement and innovation.

Paul Armstrong


'Our pursuit of excellence and respect for tradition are the hallmarks of Carrara Coffee Roasters. They drive us to constantly raise the bar and showcase the best coffee offerings available, ensuring each brew delivers an exceptional taste experience'

Director & Grandson