The Workhorse

Advanced Roasting Equipment

Investing in high-quality equipment is the cornerstone of our process. We roast on both a classic Probat P12 and a state-of-the-art Probat P25 III Series roaster. To ensure precision and consistency, we use advanced roasting software, including Cropster.


Precision with Cropster

Cropster plays a crucial role in our operation, providing us with real-time data and analytics to monitor and control the roasting process. This software allows us to track every detail, from temperature curves to roast profiles, ensuring each batch meets our exacting standards. Cropster's comprehensive platform helps us maintain consistency, optimise roast profiles, and document every step of the process for transparency and quality assurance.


Testing and Tasting

We start by testing and tasting with our Probat sample roaster, capable of handling small 80g batches. After roasting, the coffee moves to the cupping table, where we assess its aromas and flavours. Only the best coffees make the cut.

Refining the Roast Curve

Next, we refine the roast curve using the sample roaster, taking into account variables like bean moisture, density, and size. Once we have a near-perfect profile, we transfer it to our Probat commercial drum roasters, making necessary tweaks to achieve the ideal roast. With Cropster, we can replicate these profiles consistently, ensuring every batch brings out the best in each coffee.

Sealing in Freshness & Flavour

To ensure our coffee remains fresh and retains its rich flavours, we pack each batch with care. Whether using our automated packing line for high-volume orders or hand-packing for home users, every bag is sealed to perfection. This attention to detail ensures that the coffee's aroma and taste are preserved, providing an exceptional experience from our roastery to your cup.

Cupping and Training Facility

Our roastery also features a state-of-the-art cupping area and training facility. Here, customers can explore our collection and select coffees that match their tastes or business needs. We offer training for wholesale accounts and masterclasses for both commercial clients and home enthusiasts to enhance their barista skills.