Sereno - Decaffeinated


Origin: El Salvador, Nicaragua

Notes: Apricot / Nectarine / Dark Chocolate

Roastery & Brewing Notes

Our decaffeinated offering is a blend of two washed coffees from the Central American countries of El Salvador and Nicaragua. Delicately balanced with a medium body, it is carefully roasted to create a dark, elegant coffee drink.

The notes of fleshy fruits apricot and nectarine, coupled with decadent dark chocolate produces a stylish decaf reminiscent of a traditional coffee taste with juicy fruit nuances.

Coffee Sustainability & Recycling

We are happy to confirm that the packaging we use to deliver coffee to your door in is recyclable - we encourage you to dispose of these responsibly.

Our coffee supply chain operates responsibly in conjunction with the worlds leading green coffee service group - Neumann Kaffee Gruppe. Together they commit to growing a sustainable coffee industry by reaching set objectives. You can read more about where our coffee is sourced and the steps taken to ensure this is responsibly done so.

Roast Colour: