House Blend Coffee Pods 100 Pack


Quantity: 100 House Blend Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Pods

Origin: Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia

Notes: Vanilla / Chocolate / Toffee


Roastery Notes

Our House Blend Pods come from powerhouses in the world of coffee production; Brazil, Colombia, and Ethiopia, and each of these countries are a leading force in coffee-exporting. The blend of coffee within this pod is 100% Arabica beans and roasted medium to provide a defined sweet base for your drink.

They offer a rich indulgence when brewed into a long drink. A short drink brings with it intense and vibrant sweetness from the vanilla, chocolate and toffee notes.

Brewing Instructions

Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Capsules slot within your machine, and brewed according to your desired setting. For brewing instructions please refer to your machine manufacturer's guidelines.

Can I recycle these pods? The pods and packaging they are housed within are widely recycled.