Carrara is currently enjoyed in restaurants, hotels, independent cafes and offices across the UK and is also available to buy in selected shops. We do a lot more than just roast quality coffee. As a wholesale customer you get access to our in-house barista training, the best commercial coffee equipment, an engineer servicing team and much more.


Carrara Collection Wholesale Coffee

Our Coffee

Our aim is to produce coffee that both we and our customers are proud to serve. Each Carrara coffee roast is available to buy in wholesale sized 6 x 1kg bags.

The green coffee we purchase is expertly sourced and fully traceable from some of the world's best coffee farms. These could be large estates in Africa or a Microlot in a Guatemalan canyon. Each coffee variation that we choose to roast comes from a sustainable global coffee supply chain, as our suppliers work alongside the Neumann Kaffee Gruppe, who strives to grow a more socially, environmentally and economically sustainable coffee industry. 

Our recipes have been carefully created over the years and are subject to constant testing to ensure we are producing coffee of the highest quality. In taking the time and care to hand roast each blend and single origin, we ensure that the natural characteristics are brought out of each coffee, in turn producing high grade, premium roasted beans.

To ensure that there is something to suit every customer, we have a fantastic array of coffees in our range, available in your chosen grind. We are keen for you to visit us at The Roastery and take part in a cupping session to discover the different notes, blends and origins that each coffee yields. In order to do so we can diarise a time suitable for you to come and find which coffee best suits you and your customers. Read on to find out more.

As part of our continued commitment to help improve our sustainability, our coffee bags are now 100% fully recyclable. Furthermore, the Carrara wholesale coffee cups and fibre lids that you can purchase from our sister company Select Catering Solutions, are as well.

Coffee Tasting Sessions

Roastery and Tasting Sessions

Visiting us here at The Roastery gives you the opportunity to meet our team of baristas, roasters, engineers and customer support, and to see our operation in full swing.

The beauty of coffee roasting is that not only is there an art and science to it, but it is also a labour of love and upon visiting, you will get to experience the passion we have, whilst seeing us roasting in our P12 Probat Drum Roaster, and packing, sealing and grinding by hand.

Depending on what you perceive as your target customer will decide what coffee you choose to serve. We have created a full range of blends and single origin roasts that combine complementary notes to suit every style of customer coffee preference, whether that be a dark, full-bodied or sweet and vibrant taste.

For all new wholesale accounts, we strongly recommend joining us for this session so we can get to know more about your operation, and you can understand the most suitable coffee for your business.

During this activity, called coffee cupping, you will taste our masterfully created roasts and develop a technique for identifying each of the notes in every spoonful you slurp. 

After deciding which coffee matches your requirements, we can setup a coffee plan to make sure you never run out. For many businesses, this is essential as coffee is a vital part of day-to-day operations. We can commence a reoccurring order plan to make sure coffee is always delivered before its too late.

Should you feel that you ever want to change the coffee you serve, be that because of a shift in preference or simply you would like to offer something different to your customers, another cupping session can be arranged for you to identify your new favourite. 

Coffee Machines and Equipment

We know that having the right equipment is crucial to the success of any coffee operation.

Over the years we have developed trusted partnerships with leading coffee machine and equipment manufacturers including WMF, La Marzocco, La Spaziale, Victoria Arduino, Malkhonig, Bunn, Ditting, and more.

Deciding which machine best suits your needs is a business and personal choice, and we like to help you with this by basing it on a few variants such as:

    • Pace of day-to-day operations
    • Size of your organisation
    • Number of employees
    • Price range
    • Personal preference

We can assist you in obtaining your dream machine by agreeing a lease contract for the equipment, so that you can spread payments out over a term.

More excitingly, certain manufacturers offer bespoke machines for you to apply your branding for complementary designs that leave customers in awe.

We also have our own team of engineers who provide full and recurring service maintenance on our range of equipment. They are happy to assist and answer any queries you may have on your machine.

To browse our range of coffee machines please visit our sister company Select Catering Solutions.

Coffee Training

Training and Education

If you have decided to make the exciting step to open a new coffee serving business, or have taken over an existing, we are here to help you get setup. We offer free training for your budding baristas either on-site or at the roastery and continue this service for new staff members.

Here in Market Harborough, we have our very own state-of-the-art coffee school within the roastery, with in-house baristas that are happy to accommodate all your training requirements and questions.

This is a great way for you and your baristas to understand the importance of things such as dialling in your grinder, correctly storing and using coffee beans, calibrating espresso output, and learning the all important skill of milk texturising and latte art.

Additionally, we would love to teach you about the origins and roasting methods of the raw beans that make up the blend you will use to help you provide the backstories to interested customers. 

Coffee training and education is provided free and on-going to all our commercial customers. This can be performed in-house at your business, or at The Roastery in Market Harborough. 

Contact us to book in your training.

White Label Wholesale Coffee

White Label Coffee

We also provide a white label service, for wholesale accounts who wish to develop their own signature blend.

This can be great for telling the personal story you have had through the coffee you brew and serve, and we can supply it as wholesale and retail beans so your customers can invest in your brand.

We can work together at The Roastery to develop a recipe that you are proud of, and pack a range of coffee designed around your own brand, which we can distribute across the UK. Furthermore, this can be setup on a reoccurring basis to ensure you never run out. 

White label coffee will be your baby and the life blood of your coffee serving enterprise, creating a whole new talking point and revenue stream for your business.

To find out more, please email us at

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If you are interested in purchasing wholesale coffee or equipment, please contact us and we'll be happy to offer advice and assistance in choosing the right coffee or equipment for your business. You can also visit our sister company, Select Catering Solutions to learn more about products and services provided.