The Roastery

Here at our roastery we are dedicated to sourcing the finest green coffees to roast as blends or single origin coffees. From start to finish, our roasting process is all about attention to detail - taking our time and care to bring out the natural characteristics of each coffee.


Probat Coffee Roaster
Coffee Roastery Market Harborough Coffee roasting


Roasting high quality coffee starts with having high quality equipment. We have invested in the most advanced commercial coffee roasting equipment and technology. We roast on a Probat Drum Roaster linked into roasting software.

The first stage of our process is testing and tasting using our Probat sample roaster. We can roast as little as 80g at a time. The roasted coffee is then transferred to the cupping table to find those all-important aromas and flavours. At this stage we will select the coffees we wish to work with and reject those that do not come up to scratch. Only the best will do.

With the coffees we have selected, we start to look at getting that vital roast curve right. The sample roaster is an important piece of equipment as this helps us start to find the roast profile. The processing method is determined by bean moisture, density and size of bean as well as other variables. Once we are somewhere close, we transfer the profile to the Probat commercial drum roaster. This may need some tweaks to establish the perfect roast profile to compliment the coffee.

Finding the right roast profile and bringing out the best characteristics each coffee has to offer is challenging but also very rewarding. Whether it is an Ethiopian coffee with floral notes and high acidity or a Colombian coffee with chocolate and caramel flavours, the same level of care is taken and it is this level of detail and care that makes us different.

The roastery also provides us with a fantastic cupping area and training facility where our customers can learn about our collection and pick out the coffees that suit their personal tastes or business requirements. Training is available for our wholesale accounts for their members of staff. We also offer masterclasses, available to both commercial customers and home coffee enthusiasts, to train and develop their barista skills.