Carrara coffee is sourced from some of the world's best coffee farms, estates and co-operatives. Throughout our collection, we guarantee full traceability and sustainability. Sourcing from carefully selected farms in Asia, Africa, Central and South America, we believe in paying a higher price for a quality product and in doing so we hope to contribute to a sustainable global coffee trade.



Coffee origins Africa

Africa is host to many coffee producing countries including Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. Ethiopia is, in fact, believed to be the birth place of coffee. African coffees are known for complex flavours with good sweetness and acidity, and even floral and fruit notes. High elevations and very good soil conditions contribute to African countries producing some of the highest quality coffees in the world.

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Coffee origins Asia

The fertile, rich soil and tropical climate of Asia create ideal coffee growing conditions. Growing countries in Asia include Sumatra, India, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam. The coffees from this continent are usually of low acidity with dark chocolate, nutty and earthy notes.

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Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua
Central America

Central American countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Nicaragua are known to produce very consistent washed arabica coffees. The volcanic soil and high altitude of the coffee growing regions produces a mild, smooth, balanced flavour. Expect notes of citrus, spice and chocolate.

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South American coffee
South America

South America is home to the largest coffee producing country in the world (Brazil). Other coffee producing countries include Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru.

With the Andes mountains running through South America, the high-altitude conditions and climate are perfect for growing coffee. Cup characteristics include chocolate, nuts and caramel.

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