EcoPress Aluminium Capsule Recycler


EcoPress Aluminium Capsule Recycler - Recycling Made Easy is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Recycle your used capsules to save them going to landfill!


Product Description

Dualit's EcoPress offers a mess free solution to recycling used aluminium coffee capsules. Millions of aluminium coffee capsules are purchased every year and it's vital they don't end up in landfill. The ingenious, hand held, EcoPress removes the coffee grounds from the capsules allowing for quick and easy recycling. Dualit's EcoPress is compatible with all brands of aluminium coffee capsules.

What can I do with the grinds?

Coffee grinds work wonders for the garden, especially if you have acid-loving plants such as roses, azaleas, hydrangeas, and many more. Sprinkle onto the ground to add acidity to your soil. Alternatively, coffee grinds can be added to the compost bin or disposed of into general waste.

Operating Instructions: 

1. Place the EcoPress on a flat surface and lock the Lid to the Bucket.
2. Place the used aluminium capsule, foil side down, over the hole on the Lid.
3. Place the pusher on top and apply downward pressure. Lift the Pusher and remove the capsule.
4. Rinse the capsule and pop into your recycling bin.