Unico Kenya - Ndiara Factory


Origin: Kenya, Murang'a Region, Mathioya

Notes: Dark Cherry / Milk Chocolate / Caramelised Sugar

Brewing Suitability: Drip Coffee, Cafetiere 

Roastery & Brewing Notes

The majority of Kenyan coffee is produced on small scale farms and micro-lots, and amounts to less than 1% of the world's production. This lets producers take extra care when harvesting and processing, and it is one of the reasons why coffee from Kenya is revered so highly around the world. 

This Unico roast originates from the Murang'a region, produced by the Ndiara factory, and due to the factory's size, is brought to market via the Kiru Farmers Co-operative Society. The co-operative assists them in getting to market and allows them to be competitive against larger producers in the vicinity, whilst also focusing on the investment of the machinery and techniques used so they are able to produce even better coffee. 

The factory itself is situated <10 miles from the heavily forested Aberdare Mountain Range and it is also extremely close to the equator line. These geographical and climatic factors help this coffee to yield excellent quality and distinctive notes. 

Complementary notes present in this coffee include cherry and creamy chocolate, and this sweet and fruity flavour profile releases a sugary mouthfeel when tasted. The processing method of washing the fruit before the raw bean is extracted helps the coffee to yield a cleaner taste and mouthfeel.  

Roasted light to avoid bitterness and allow for vibrant flavours to extract from the roasted bean. 

Altitude: 1700 m.a.s.l

Roast Colour: