Unico Guatemala - Finca Los Chorros


Origin: Guatemala Huehuetenango, San Pedro Necta

Notes: Red Grape / Strawberry / Chocolate

Brewing Suitability: Drip Coffee, Cafetiere

Roastery Notes

This roast contains single origin beans sourced from the Los Chorros farm, located in the western highlands of Guatemala. It is run and owned by Virgilio Martinez, a coffee grower with a dedication for consistently improving techniques and approaches thus benefitting quality and production. 

These beans are picked ripe and depulped the very same day, which is then fermented until dry for 24-38 hours. Following this, the beans are washed multiple times over and then patio-dried for 3-6 days, weather dependant. 

The winey acidity coupled with berry and red grapes yields a slightly sour acidity in the mouth and the deeper chocolate notes then compliment it to become a well rounded and pleasing coffee to drink with exciting flavours to enjoy.

Roasted light to retain the sweet acidity and fruity notes of this thrice-washed coffee.

Altitude: 1600 m.a.s.l

Roast Colour: