Unico Brazil - Sitio Rancho Dantas


Origin: Sitio Rancho Dantas farm, Espirito Santo region, Brazil

Notes: Lemon / Praline / Cocoa

Variety: Yellow Catuai

Processing Method: Washed

Origin Story

Noeli and Lucimar de Paula are the husband-and-wife team behind this farm called Sítio Rancho Dantas. They inherited the property from Sebastião Pereira de Paula, the family's patriarch. Noeli is particularly interested in processing experiments, even attempting what is called "biological fermentation," a full Washing process inspired by coffee producers in Guatemala.

Half of this farm is covered in a lush and green native forest, which creates an ideal situation for coffee to grow. There are also abundant sources of water, and the de Paulas are interested in conservation activities such as planting more native trees and protecting local wildlife.

Roastery & Brewing Notes

We have chosen this speciality single origin to roast because of its diverse flavour profile that is represented excellently in filter coffee, as well as holding its own within a milk-based drink.

The beans themselves are noticeably smaller than others we roast, yet this isn't detrimental to the flavour or aroma. Upon opening, a citrus perfume boisterously escapes the bag, and this carries through to the notes at the front of the cup with accompanying praline and cocoa rounding this sweet yet soft coffee that yields a heavy mouthfeel.

This is a limited batch, so we encourage you to try this quick! And as with all Unico's, this is roasted light to avoid bitterness and allow for vibrant flavours to extract from the roasted bean. 

Altitude: 800 - 1100 m.a.s.l

Coffee Sustainability & Recycling

We are happy to confirm that the packaging we use to deliver coffee to your door in is recyclable - we encourage you to dispose of these responsibly.

Our coffee supply chain operates responsibly in conjunction with the worlds leading green coffee service group - Neumann Kaffee Gruppe. Together they commit to growing a sustainable coffee industry by reaching set objectives. You can read more about where our coffee is sourced and the steps taken to ensure this is responsibly done so.

Roast Colour: