16 Hour Cold Brew Coffee


Ingredients: Filtered Water, Dimora House Blend Coffee

Origin: 60% Brazil, 40% Indonesia

Recommended Serve: Black, over ice

Roastery Notes

Carrara's 16 hour Cold Brew has been developed over time to ensure we create the best quality cold brew achievable. Filtered water and Dimora coffee are steadily infused using specially designed Toddy Cold Brew equipment, creating notes of dark chocolate and yielding a liquor-like finish. We are proud to produce and bottle this by hand at The Roastery in Market Harborough. This beverage is served best over ice and black. 

The coffee we use in our cold brew is Dimora, our house blend at Carrara. We are extremely proud of it as it is a beautifully balanced, versatile coffee that is roasted on the lighter side of medium, being carefully balanced to avoid any bitter flavours, allowing the sweetness to come through. 

Due to the lightness of this drink, this is perfect for keeping energised and refreshed during sport. It doesn't leave you bloated, yet provides a much needed energy boost. 

This glass bottle is recyclable. 

Dark Chocolate / Liquor-like finish