Unico Guatemala - El Boqueron (Microlot)


Origin: Guatemala El Boqueron - Santa Rosa (Microlot) 

Weight: 750g

Roastery Notes

This natural process coffee is picked ripe and dried on patios for 20-23 days. Comprising common varieties of Bourbon, Caturra, Caruai and Pache. The farms are made of predominantly clay soil and sit nearby the Ayarza Lak.

The coffee has lots of complex fruity flavours, that provide a rich tart winey acidy, leaving a smooth well rounded mouthfeel.  

Roasted light to retain the clean, sweet acidity and citrus notes that El Boqueron region is known for.

Altitude 1600- 1800 

Fruit Tart - Cocoa - Cherry 

Roast Colour: