Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Pods


Quantity: 10 Swiss Water® Decaffeinated Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Pods

Origin: Brazil

Notes: Chocolate / Caramel

Roastery Notes

Our Swiss Water® Decaffeinated Pods originate from the worlds largest coffee-producer, Brazil and consist of 100% Arabica beans.

Caffeine and chemical-free, the Swiss Water® process is a four-step procedure:

1) Soak the beans in pure water to obtain the Green Coffee Extract which incorporates the flavour and aroma

2) Clean the beans from dirt, dust, and silverskin, preparing them for decaffeination

3) Caffeine is drawn away and filtered out through a carbon filter system

4) Green Coffee Extract is renewed into the beans creating the final decaffeinated green beans

This decaff contains complementary notes of chocolate and caramel, perfect for cutting through the milk and providing the drinker with a luxurious cup of coffee.


Can I recycle these pods? The pods and packaging they are housed within are widely recycled.


Brewing Instructions: Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Capsules slot within your machine, and brewed according to your desired setting. For brewing instructions please refer to your machine manufacturer's guidelines.