Seasonal Blend: Summer Breeze


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Juan Gabriel's Farm, Huehuetenango, Guatemala / Cafe Oropel, Cundinamarca, Colombia


Blackberry, Cherry & Caramelised Plum

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Origin Story

In a unique blend that marries the rich traditions of two renowned coffee regions, we proudly present Summer Breeze. This harmonious blend begins in the picturesque landscapes of Huehuetenango, Guatemala, where Juan Gabriel's Coffee Farm stands as a testament to the art of coffee cultivation. The high-altitude microclimate of this region allows for the slow maturation of coffee cherries, resulting in beans with unparalleled complexity and depth.

The story continues in the vibrant hills of Cundinamarca, Colombia, home to Cafe Oropel. Here, Colombian coffee farmers bring generations of expertise to their meticulous cultivation of Arabica varietals, each bean ripening under the radiant Colombian sun. Cafe Oropel encapsulates the essence of Colombian terroir and craftsmanship, blending seamlessly with the heritage and dedication found in Huehuetenango.

Roastery & Brewing Notes

In our roastery, we are delighted to present this exceptional blend of Guatemalan and Colombian coffee. The combination creates a cup that's truly a celebration of both the season and the distinct flavours of each region.

The blend opens with the sweet dark fruit notes of the Guatemalan beans, beautifully intertwined with the bright crisp flavours from the Colombian beans. Subtle hints of berries and peach from the Guatemalan beans add a layer of fruity complexity, harmonising with the mandarin sweetness and velvety feel of the Colombian beans. The result is a vibrant and balanced cup, showcasing a delightfully bright and diverse flavour profile.

Our Summer Blend offers an exquisite coffee experience, capturing the essence of both origins. Each sip reveals the unique characteristics of the Guatemalan and Colombian beans, creating a harmonious and multifaceted journey through flavour. Embrace the rich and vibrant notes of blackberry, cherry & caramelised plum and let this blend transport you to the sun-kissed hills of Cundinamarca and the high-altitude landscapes of Huehuetenango.

Coffee Sustainability & Recycling

We are pleased to confirm that the packaging we use to deliver coffee to your door is recyclable - we encourage you to dispose of it responsibly.

Our coffee supply chain operates responsibly in conjunction with large and small coffee importers, ensuring meticulous sourcing and sustainable practices. Together with our partners, we are committed to growing a sustainable coffee industry by reaching set objectives. You can read more about where our coffee is sourced and the steps taken to ensure this is done responsibly.